Member Agencies

The Orange County Alliance for Children and Families (OCA) is a member association devoted to the furthering of efficient, effective services to those we serve.  We collaborate for the common good, we contract with Orange County government agencies, and we raise funds to cover the costs of services that are not available through contract funding.

A success story: 

When Garrett came to one of our member agencies, he was just eight. His father had physically abused him and he bears a scar across his forehead from a time when his dad tossed him through a glass window.


Along with his traumatic childhood, Garrett had been diagnosed with autism. He spent several years in a group home.


Today, he’s living on his own and leading a productive life. While he has no contact with any of his family, he never fails to telephone the agency that cared for him every year on his birthday to bring them up to date, and also because he knows it’s a tradition for an agency staff member to take him out to dinner. Garrett puts on his best clothes, always shows up early, and makes a point of saying that he’s doing well now, not to worry.

Samantha Jones, Project Manager